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Issue #33 - Jan 2021 (PDF)
       Thoughts about the Coronavirus vaccine from our Medical
              Director, Dr. David Hughes
       Status of Classes
       Meet Kaylie!
       CR+ AEDs have been discontinued
Issue #32 - Jul 2020 (PDF)
       COVID-19 and Bystander CPR/AED
       CR+ AEDs have been discontinued
       Stryker Safety Notice for LifePak 500s
       New CPR Training Guidelines
Issue #31 - April 2020 (PDF)
       Citizen CPR for Adults and Children with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19
Issue #30 - Jan 2020 (PDF)
       This is a good deal! Please do not pass it up.
       LIFE™ Kits/STOP THE BLEED Kits
Issue #29 - July 2019 (PDF)
       STOP THE BLEED Grants
       How to Check Your AED
       The Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES)
Issue #28 - Mar 2019 (PDF)
       AED Availability
       AED Availability Schedules
Issue #27 - July 2018 (PDF)
       STOP THE BLEED Campaign
       STOP THE BLEED Grants
Issue #26 - Feb 2018 (PDF)
       E-mail from the National Registry
       Have You Received an AED Link Call?
       City Market Community Rewards
Issue #25 - Sep 2017 (PDF)
       Save, Save, and More Saves
       Exposure to Blood-Borne Pathogens
       Sending Your Checklist
       Poster - Please Post!
       Amazon Smile Campaign
Issue #24 - Jan 2017 (PDF)
       Automatic Calls to Responders
       Amazon Smiles
       City Market Community Rewards
       Add To Your Address Book
Issue #23 - Sep_2016 (PDF)
       Another Save
       Accolades for Mary Rieke
       New CPR Program Coordinator
       AED Safety and Proper Application
Issue #22 - Dec 2015 (PDF)
       Update Your Dispatch Phone Numbers
       Purgatory Local Benefit Days
       PulsePoint App by Physio Control
       AED Safety and Proper Application
Issue #21 - Aug 2015 (PDF)
       Sponsors Needed for Aging AEDs
       New Placements are Limited
       New Medical Director
       Free CPR Anytime Program
       Wall-mount Cabinets (replacing batteries)
Issue #20 - Jan 2015 (PDF)
       Common Misconceptions about AEDs
       New Program Coordinator
       City Market Community Rewards
       Free CPR Anytime Program
Issue #19 - Jul 2014 (PDF)
      City Market Community Rewards
      Southern Ute Money Booth
      Keep Your CPR Certifications Current
      AED Maintenance
Issue #18 - Jan 2014 (PDF)
      Third-Party Electrodes and Batteries
      CPR for Avalanche Victims
      Procedures Following AED Use
Issue # 17 - July 2013 (PDF)
      Maximizing the Life of the SafeGuard™ Power System
      The Peri-shock Pause and the CPR Compression Fraction
      Do You Know about Passport?
Issue # 16 - Mar 2013 (PDF)
      Urgent Medical Device Correction from Physio-Control       (Medtronics)
Issue # 15 - July 2012 (PDF)
      Submit Checklist via Website
      CPR Safe for Patients Not in Cardiac Arrest
      iRescU Phone AP and Database
      Welcome Durango Dermatology
      Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

Issue # 14 - February 2012 (PDF)
      Our System is Working!
      Senate Bill 12-098
      Welcome Kathy Morris
      Welcome Brett Sherman
Issue # 13 - July 2011 (PDF)
      Are There Meeting Rooms At Your Site?
      Who owns your AED...
      Durango Rotary and Durango Roller Girls
      Community Profile - Southern Ute Tribe
      Farewell to Mark Rich
Issue # 12 - Feb 2011 (PDF)
      New 2010 Guidelines Are Here
      Hands Only CPR
      Public Response Crucial to Survival
      Welcome-San Juan Basin Health Dept.
Issue # 11 - Jul 2010 (PDF)
      When Dispatch Calls
      CPR Anytime Program
      Colorado Grand Grant
      Welcome-Durango Police Department
      How Are PAD Programs Doing?
Issue # 10 - Jan 2010 (PDF)
      HSLP Going Paperless
      Wilderness First Aid Class Offered
      High-Noon Rotary Funded Placements
      Cardiac Emergencies in 2009
      Heart Safe La Plata Ball Caps for Sale
Issue # 9 - July 2009 (PDF)
      Important Information about our AEDs
      Senate Bill 10 Was Signed
      Winner: 2009 Heart Safe Community
      Heart Safe La Plata Has a Website
      Rotary Donation for AEDs
      Award Annoucement Letter
      La Plata County Commendation Letter
Issue # 8 - Jan 2009 (PDF)
     Are your Pads expired?
     Mary Rieke - CPR Boot Camp Instructor
     CPR, First Aid & First Responder Classes
     Heart Safe La Plata joins Chamber
     CPR Certification Policy Change
Issue # 7 - July 2008 (PDF)
     Dalton Training Pays Off
     Two Churches and Counting!
     Free CPR Class a Heart-Saving Success
     Cherie Morris - Teacher Extraordinaire
Issue # 6 - Jan. 2008 (PDF)
     Company Profile - Schools!
     Grant Ending is Just a Beginning
     More Partners are Needed
     Medical Director Profile - Dr. Tony DeMond
     Heart Safe La Plata Training Center
Issue # 5 - July 2007 (PDF)
     Do you have an Emergency Plan?
     Durango Rotary Partners with Strater & AccountTax
     Semiautomatic Versus Fully Automatic AEDs
     Company Profile - Durango Mountain Resort
     Board Member Profile - Mark Rich
Issue # 4 - Jan. 2007 (PDF)
     CPR, AED, and First Aid Classes Offered
     New Program Coordinator
     Wanted - CPR Instructors
     Company Profile - Pine River Valley Bank
     When Seconds Count
     Board Member Profile - Amy Knight
Issue # 3 - July 2006 (PDF)
     Rural AEDs Are Cost Effective!
     Company Profile - LPC Sheriff's Office
     We Are Over 100
     Board Member Profile - Scott Sholes
Issue # 2 - Jan. 2006 (PDF)
     AED Alert! Program
     Procedures Following AED Use
     Company Profile - Fort Lewis College
     Board Member Profile - Barbara Lawson
Issue # 1 - July 2005 (PDF)
     Premier Issue
     In the Heart of It All: Bank of the San Juans
     The Bar D is Heart Safe!
     Partnership with the American Red Cross
     Second Year Grant Funding Awarded
     Board Member Profile - Patty Egger

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