How Remote Skills Verification works

1. Sign up for our Adult, Child and Infant CPR or BLS (Healthcare Provider) CPR Certification Renewal class. (Minimum of six students.) Provide us with the e-mail addresses of the students and proof that their certifications are current.
2. Select a date and time for completion of the online portion and scheduling of the Remote Skills Verification sessions.
3. Each student receives an e-mail link to the online class which must be completed before they can do the Remote Skills Verification.
4. From the scheduled Remote Skills Verification times decided in step 2, each student signs up for a time slot of their choosing. They can cancel and reschedule up to 24 hours in advance.
5. Prior to Remote Skills Verification, we deliver disinfected manikins and supplies to your location. It is up to you to set up a location for the students to perform the Remote Skills Verification without other people nearby. This can be an office or conference room at your facility. Alternatively the students can take the manikins and supplies home but you need to allow time to transition the manikins between Remote Skills Verification sessions. Manikins should be disinfected with bleach wipes and lungs replaced between students.
6. One of our instructors conducts the Remote Skills Verification class one on one with each student. They each need access to a computer with a microphone and camera or to a cell phone. Because of the tight schedules that must be met, there will be a $100 penalty for students who miss their scheduled sessions.
7. When everyone has completed the class and had their skills checked, our supplies need to be returned. Once we have our supplies back, the instructor issues the electronic certifications which are e-mailed to the students.

Cost of our Remote Skills Verification classes: $75 per student, minimum of six

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